Medical Evacuation/Repatriation requirement

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation Requirement

University of Chicago students engage in study and research on campus, as well as throughout the country, and all over the world. There are many students whose circumstances may change unexpectedly over the course of the academic year, as educational opportunities arise. Consequently, the University’s insurance requirements are intended to ensure that students have adequate coverage throughout their academic programs, with particular regard to the range of educational experiences our students encounter.

Medical Evacuation: transportation services in case you need to be evacuated to the nearest qualified medical facility.
Repatriation: a benefit designed to cover the costs of returning your body home, should you pass away.

We appreciate that the medical evacuation/repatriation requirement is not a benefit commonly provided by employer-based, medical insurance plans (it is a typical feature of student insurance plans). We therefore suggest that students (or their parents) first consult with the plan administrator of their existing insurance to determine if they can purchase a rider to augment their existing coverage to include this benefit. Alternately, we recommend the addition of a supplemental plan which provides this benefit, to meet this benefit requirement on the waiver application.

For example, the medical evacuation/repatriation requirement can be met via FrontierMEDEX's affordable Plus Scholastic Plan, with coverage options available both to domestic and international students.
(All alternate coverage should be carefully researched by students before purchase. The University of Chicago is not responsible for insurance coverage or limitations provided by external carriers.)