Continuation of Coverage 2014-2015

Students who will not be enrolled at the University in Fall Quarter 2014, but who were enrolled in the U-SHIP plan in 2013-14, are eligible for continuation coverage which begins September 1, 2014. Continuation coverage is available directly through our insurance carrier UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. Premiums for the continuation coverage must be received within 31 days of the termination date of coverage under the 2013-2014 plan (August 31st). Students -- and dependents currently enrolled in U-SHIP -- pay per month for up to 6 months of continuing insurance coverage. If a student finds a job that pays for health insurance, the student can cancel continuation coverage, however there is no premium refund.

Students enrolled in U-SHIP coverage during 2013-14 may purchase Basic Plan Continuation. Students may also purchase Basic Plan Continuation coverage for dependents who were enrolled in U-SHIP during 2013-14. 

Premiums for Plan Continuation Coverage are:

Students/Dependents in Basic Plan coverage Students/Dependents in Opt-In / Seminary coverage
Student - $381/month Student - $667/month
Spouse - $381/month Spouse - $667/month
Child - $381/month Child - $667/month
2+ Children - $762/month 2+ Children - $1,334/month

You can download a printable Plan Continuation Coverage enrollment form from or from the links below.

Continuation Coverage enrollment forms should be sent directly to UnitedHealthcare StudentResources, along with a check or money order for the premium payment:
UnitedHealthcare StudentResources
P.O. Box 809026
Dallas, TX 75380-9026

For more information on enrolling in continuation coverage visit or contact the On-Campus Insurance Coordinators.